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What is Faridabad Property Collaboration :

Collaboration is a deal between the Property Owner / Plot Owner and the developer/builder where a professional realty company such as Faridabad Floors appoints a Builder to reconstruct / build / develop a brand new swanky house on his land by entering into a Construction / Collaboration Agreement where the Owner is desirous of a new property redeveloped / reconstructed due to lack of construction experience and financial constraints, therefore, approaches the Builder to develop the property for and on behalf of the Owner at Builder’s expenditure as the developer is well acquainted and established in the business of development and construction of real estate.

The Builder demolishes the old structure which exists on the plot of land and to develop, re-construct and/or build a building which will have a Basement, Stilt Car Parking + Entire Ground Floor, Entire First Floor, Entire Second Floor and Third Floor with Terrace Garden at his own costs and expenses, after getting the building plans sanctioned from the authorities concerned and then develops, builds up and complete the Building at its own expenditure after procuring the required  permissions and allowance  for development construction and completion of the said building on the plot at Developer’s cost.

The Owner authorises the nominee of the Builder along with General Power of Attorney, to apply for necessary sanctions and permissions, approvals to the authority or authorities concerned and also pursues and co-operates with the Builder in obtaining such or all other permissions, mandate as may be fundamental or required for ensuring the due execution of the proposed work of development and construction of the proposed building. .

Understand The Collaboration Process


Our realty expert arranges a proposal by the builder to the property owner in regard with construction of a new house on his plot and the benefactors associated with the said property. If the proposal suits the owner then we arrange a meeting of both the parties to decide the respective shares in the upcoming new building , variation of monetary consideration and detailed specifications of the material and fixtures to be used. Everything is detailed and penned down to a collaboration agreement where all the standard terms and conditions to be followed in regards to the construction of the new building are thoroughly mentioned.


The collaborator allocates an architect and interiors team to design the layout plan, exterior façade variations in accordance with the recommendations of the land owner, Then proceed the file to get the plan sanctioned from the concerned authority.


If required, the builder arranges for the relocation of the existing landowners to the a rental accommodation in the range of agreed budget.


The builder starts the construction after getting the plans sanctioned and physical vacant possession of the said property.

Possession Handover

The builder constructs the entire building project and retains his share of floors agreed in the collaboration agreement and handover the owner’s share of floors once the new house is completed. The builder and the land owner is entitled to sell, convey, transfer and assign their respective portions to any prospective buyers and can receive the sale proceeds in respect thereof, in their names during or after the the building is completed, without any objection from each other.

Why Collaboration is a Win-Win Situation

Not Required To Sell Plot Outrightly

You don’t need to sell your house out rightly as we understand everybody has emotions attached to the old property you have been living in. So you can still retain your house without having to part with it.

Crystal Clear Property Title

You need not to worry about the property title as it originally belongs to you.

Professional Supervision

You don’t need to spend anything as the builder will construct on its own expenses, and without the need of supervision as now a days most good builders have in house civil engineers for project supervision.

Get Maximum Covered Area

Instead of just one or couple of floors, owner gets the option to retain 1/2/3 floors plus Respective share car parkings with world class facilities like Lift,Power Backup, Branded Fixtures etc.

Enhanced Property Value

You get a brand new world class set of apartments at your disposal, Both in terms of sale and rental, A new flat is far more expensive than an aged flat.

Rich Specifications

To name a few….Italian Marble Flooring, Modular Kitchen, Branded Bathrooms Fixtures, Fully AC, Power Backup, Designer False Ceiling, Solid Structure…. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Assured Secrecy
Get Hightest Returns

All Top Builders Under One Roof

Need a good builder to enter into a Collaboration for your property?
All Premium Collaborators are available with us –

Why Collaboration is a Win-Win Situation

We have cpmprehensive knowledge and first hand experience with all the premium builders,we have picked up a bouquet of few who believes in high-end construction and care for reliability, So as to offer you a safe collaboration process resulting in modern brand new building in accordance with European standards that shall provide great returns in the near future.

We have a dedicated team of professionals for the Legal work, to help you in drafting the safe,accurate and to the point collaboration / construction agreement.

A realtor company like Faridabad plays a very important in the entire process, Our work starts from introducing you with the entire collaboration process, choosing the right builder who might be interested in the said project, Arranging the meetings of both the parties to decide their respective shares, negotiating the financials to be paid and the specifications of the materials to be used.

We take care of all the paperwork right from Collaboration Agreement, Will, Mutation, Affidavits, General / Specific Power of Attorney in builder’s name, possession letter…

With as your middlemen we make sure no problems / issues arises from start to end of the building construction period.

We also have a dedicated leasing team for taking care of all your relocation needs before builder takes the vacant physical possession of the property to reconstruct till the new house is ready in all aspects.

We have catered to numerous influential clients belonging to various business domains. As a real estate company we have been redefining the standards of real estate and with our 35+ years of experience, Every collaboration deal is an opportunity for us to make strong long lasting bonds with our clients.

Due to our efficient collaboration services, we have a long list of satisfied clients who suggest our name to people looking for the collaboration of their property.

We at Faridabad have already assisted a number of esteemed clients in executing a successful collaborations and would be delighted to share the details with land owners…..